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Commercial Electricians – Commercial or Domestic Electrician?

Here at Manor Electricians Derby, we’re often asked by trainee electricians about our trade, and how they can make the most of their careers. Our first piece of advice is choosing between the commercial electricians and domestic streams, and we thought we’d put together this little article in case you’re wondering the same thing. Let’s get started!


Which is Right for You? Some Pointers from Manor Electricians Derby



Domestic electrical work typically means working for yourself or a very small (1-5) team of people.

Commercial Electricians

Commercial Electricians

This has a couple of advantages, the most obvious of which is the fact that either you’re your own boss, or you’re in direct contact with the boss. Life is rarely easy and if there’s an emergency – perhaps you need to help a friend or family member, or there’s a problem at home which needs you immediate attention – you can choose your own priorities if you’re the boss, or at least explain your situation directly to a boss who knows you personally and is more likely to empathise.


The money is often better working for yourself or a small firm, and you’ll have a much more direct change to display how hard you’re prepared to work. Working for a larger firm can mean working extra hard won’t be immediately noticed – working directly alongside the business owner means your hard work ethic will be instantly recognised.


Being a Commercial Electrician


It today’s economic climate, it can be handy to know exactly how much money is coming into your household every month; it allows you to budget accordingly. Some people also just don’t want to be the boss – perhaps they know their skills lie in the actual craft of electrical engineering but not in business management, or perhaps they’re just starting out and want to practice their skills before taking the step to work for themselves. Being a commercial electrician means that you’re working for a team of people and can enjoy the benefits of a guaranteed paycheque, paid holidays and regular hours.


Another advantage is the social aspect of working with a team. Working for yourself is great but unless you’re getting more business enquiries than your can handle, you’ll be working by yourself for some time. Commercial work means you’re more likely to be working with a team of people, some of which will be around your age – always good, especially if you’re new to an area and need to make new friends!


We hope this has been helpful!

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