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Commercial Electricians for Landlords

Commercial Electricians DerbyIf you’re a landlord, you’re probably willing to work hard to keep your stress levels down to a minimum! One of the most common problems your tenants will have are electrical problems. This handy article from Manor Commercial Electricians Derby is here to help you establish when you need to invest in your property, and when your tenants can help themselves solve problems without calling out a professional.


When Should Landlords Call Commercial Electricians?



Your tenants may very well be extremely good at whichever profession they follow, but it’s unlikely that they’ve got a wealth of electrical knowledge behind them. Because of that, there’s likely to be a few occasions when your tenants will come to you claiming that the entire electrical system of your property has failed, when in actual fact, all they need to do is flip a switch in the fusebox. Our first tip is to go to your tenants’ rented home and have a look yourself. It’s amazing how many people can’t even change a lightbulb these days, so don’t hire an electrician as a first step! As a property owner you’re likely to have much more knowledge than your tenants, so pop down to have a look yourself first. This also gives your tenant the impression that you’re taking a personal interest in their living conditions – which makes them more likely to keep your property in good repair!


Once you’re in your property with your tenants, try to spend a little time teaching them the basics. For instance, if the master fuse keeps going, show them how to locate which appliance is causing the problem. Little tricks like this are easy to learn, easy to remember, and can save a lot of time and effort for both yourself and your tenants.


Of course, eventually, there will be an electrical fault significant enough to warrant a commercial electrician. In these cases, unless explicitly stated otherwise in their tenants’ agreement, it is the responsibility of the landlord to finance this visit. In this case, hire a reputable electrician to make sure that both your property and your tenants are fully protected.

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