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Electrical safety at home

Electricity can be highly dangerous and homeowners should take care when dealing with their electrics. Choosing a trusted electrician derby homeowners can make all the difference to them all important repairs and problems. We have come up with some suggestions on how to be electrically safe around the home. These tips may help you with any electrical problems you may have around the home.

Organise a test to identify potential problems

It is recommended that you test your homes electrics every 10 years or if you are to move upon arrival. This should identify any potential problems. Always get a professional and qualified electrician with the correct test equipment to do this. Remember that just because your home electrics work doesn’t mean that they are adequately safe. Some home electrics that have been installed by unqualified electricians or homeowners doing DIY may pose a risk. Having a regular check of your properties electrics will ensure that you know your electrics inside out.

Test your residual-current device

Every time the clocks change it can be a good time to check your RCD these devices can be lifesavers in the event of electrical faults.  If you can it is recommended to regularly check these devices once every three months.

How to test your RCD

This is something that most homeowners can do and is a fairly easy procedure. Just simply press the button marked ‘T’ on the device. If it doesn’t switch to the off button automatically we suggest you contact a professional electrician to check the device.

What is a residual-current device (RCD)?

A residual current device (RCD) is a safety device that switches off electricity automatically if there is a fault or if someone is in contact with a live feed. They are highly sensitive and provide additional protection against electric shocks at home.

Hire a qualified electrician

Always hire an electrician who is fully qualified and can demonstrate experience and knowledge. They may have certificate or recommendations that you can refer too. Many electricians are registered to trusted trade sites and organisations. It is a legal requirement that all home electrical is undertaken by a qualified professional. This will ensure all work is carried out to comply with electrical regulations and to exacting standards.

Our thoughts…

As an electrician derby homeowners trust we know the importance of remaining electrically safe at home. Keeping to regular electrical checks and ensuring work is carried out by a professional will ensure your electrical safety.

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