Electrical safety at home from electricians derby trust!



Electrical safety at home from electricians derby trust!


The importance of electrical safety at home

Electricians derby homeowners trust need to be fully qualified and experienced in electrical safety.  We can ensure all our customers that we are knowledgeable of electrical safety within the home. That is why we value just how important it is for homeowners to be electrically safe. We have provided this selection of useful information on electrical safety for the home to allow you to

Lighting & Insulation

When considering having loft insulation installed then make sure any lighting or light fittings are well away from the product. This will prevent lights from overheating and lower the risk of a fire. When installing new lighting or when replacing old ones always check to make sure the circuits are correctly earthed. If you are in any doubt it is best to get a qualified electrician to check beforehand.


For all your homes appliances you make sure you have the appropriate fuse fitted in all your plugs with reference to that appliances rating. Don’t be tempted to think that all 13 Amp will cover all appliances. Check what the recommended fuse is for that appliance and make sure the plug is fitted with it accordingly.  Another tip is to never leave electrical appliances plugged into a socket. With some appliances their frequent use may cause cords or wires to suffer more and they potential could be prone to short circuiting.

Fuse Boxes and RCDs

If your home has an old style fuse box installed then you should consider upgrading to a more modern unit. Even though this may have an initial cost upfront it will benefit you in the long run and is much safer. Having a residual current device fitted can prove most useful especially for outdoor electrical appliances. Familiarise yourself with such systems, how they work and how to use them, making regular checks. These devices can prove to be life saving in the event of an electrical fault.

Electric showers

When using an electric shower the element is known to get hot a quick tip is to run cold water through the shower once your finished to cool it down. This will prevent the element from overheating as the strain on this part increases overtime.

Hiring an electrician

It is advisable that all electrical work on properties should be undertaken by a qualified and experienced professional. Even in the most well kept homes electrical installations will deteriorate over time and you should have your electric checked at least every 10 years and 5 years for landlords and new tenants.

Our Thoughts…

As electricians derby homeowners trust we know the importance of remaining electrically safe at home. Keeping to regular electrical checks and ensuring work is carried out by a professional will ensure your electrical safety. If your ever worried and need more information you can use such resources as the The Electrical Safety Council  it is a registered UK charity committed to reducing deaths and injuries caused by electrical accidents at home and at work.

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