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Trusted electrician derby tips for Christmas electrical safety

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Christmas electrical safety

Once a year Christmas comes as gives homeowners the opportunity to break out them forgotten Christmas lights. As a trusted electrician derby homeowners call on for advice we know that electrical safety at Christmas is important. One of the major causes of electrical problems at Christmas is due to old Christmas lights.

Are your old Christmas lights up to scratch?

Many older Christmas lights may not be designed to cope with damp winter weather or meet the modern safety standards. If your lights have been incorrectly stored they may have become damaged or faulty. All these things can lead to unnecessary and avoidable electrical hazards. The first thing you should do is check the quality of your existing lights if you feel they are unsuitable then it would be advisable to replace them.

Considering replacing your Christmas lights?

When you are looking for new Christmas lights avoid buying them second hand. Unless they have been professionally checked, tested and certificated it is best to purchase a brand new set of lights. Always purchase these brand new set of lights from a reputable and well known store. If you are to experience any problems with them prior to or during using them the store should be able to help you.

Christmas lights are designed to work on a low voltage generally anything between 20-24 volts. These are known as extra low voltage lights and this should be made clear on the packaging. You can purchase lights that operate on a mains voltage of 230 volts as well. However the safest Christmas lights to choose are extra low voltage because they are powered by a safety extra low voltage transformer that significantly reduces the risk of electric shock.

Traditionally Christmas lights use either a traditional filament such as incandescent lamps or LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes). LED’s can only ever operate at extra low voltage and are the most popular choice. Common filament lamps can operate on both mains voltage and extra low voltage. It is entirely your choice each have their own benefits.

Our Thoughts…

As an electrician derby homeowners trust we want you to enjoy your Christmas lights and decorations whilst importantly remaining safe. If you have any questions or need further advice on electrical safety at any time of year then please get in touch.


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