Electrical Safety at Christmas from electricians Derby trust


Christmas is the time of year when we all like to display our festive cheer with colourful lights. Indoors or outdoors you can make a

However as electricians Derby homeowners trust we know the importance of being electrically safe at Christmas. We have come up with some simple suggestions for you to enjoy your Christmas decorations and remain electrically safe. There can be many common electrical problems with Christmas lights which are easily avoidable. By taking these precautions, regular checks and

Always make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to any of the lights and decorations you purchase.

If your lights are not new and have been in storage it is best to inspect them for any damage. This could be broken or damaged plugs, frayed or loose wires. If you find anything that could cause a potential electrical fault it is best to replace them.

Only ever use the replacement bulbs that are the same type and rating as those originally supplied with your purchase.

Any outdoor lights you have should always be connected via a 30m A RCD protected socket.

Any lights or bulbs that fail should be replaced immediately to avoid your decorations from overheating.

All plugs and transformers should be plugged indoors even if the lighting suggests it is suitable for outdoor use.

Before you go to bed or leave your property always make sure that you switch all your lights off. Leaving your lights on for increased periods of time may cause them to overheat.

Never place lights next to any flammable materials that can burn easily

Below are also a few common mistakes homeowners make with their Christmas lights that cause be electrically unsafe.

If you’re Christmas lights are not designed for outdoor use then never be tempted to use them outdoors. You should only ever use lights that specifically intended for outdoor use.

Don’t be tempted to connect different lighting sets together.

When testing your lights be sure to remove them fully from any packaging. Whilst they are plugged in and connected to an electrical supply then change bulbs or lamps.

Avoid overloading sockets with plugs, adaptors and extension leads.

Never try to fix faulty or damaged lights it is always best just to replace them. If you know they are faulty do not continue to use them.

Make precautions so that children and pets cannot easily play with your lights.

Our Thoughts…

Christmas is a wonderful festive time of year and you can spread joy by having some wonderful decorations and lights on display. Just remember the importance as us trusted electricians derby know of being eclectically safe this Christmas.

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