Tips for Preventing Electrical Shock

electricians-derbyPreventing Electric Shocks

The electrician derby team have been doing some research and have found that the Electrical Safety Foundation International that around 30,000 people are exposed to non fatal electric shocks annually. If you know about electrical safety then avoiding electric shocks can be quite simple. Learn a few tips and some basic electrical safety knowledge to help prevent any electrical shocks or accidents in the home.

Cover Sockets & Outlets

This is essential especially if you have young children or pets within the home.  You can easily purchase wall plates and light switch covers that can shield from fingers and exposed wires. Never attempt to stick anything into a wall socket it (apart from a plug) as it could easily cause an electrical injury.

Understand Your Homes Electrical Structure & Requirements

Make it your place to learn just how the fuses, circuit breakers and wires are currently set up in your property. This not only prevents electrical accidents but helps you to organise were you can plug in electrical appliances and equipment.

Replace Old & Damaged Electrical Appliances

If you find your electrical appliances are beginning to cause sparks, small shocks or electrical short circuits or have become frayed or damaged they may need to be replaced. Cease continuing to use such items as they could prove to be quite dangerous and no attempt should be made to fix them.

Safely Store Electrical Cords

Do not allow your electrical cords to become twisted or knotted during storage. This could result in the wiring becoming damage and the cord casing tearing. This has the potential to become dangerous if you then proceed to use them after.

Prevent Overloading Electrical Outlets

Avoid having to many heavy appliances plugged in to your electrical outlets at once. Also do not leave these electrical appliances plugged in for any extensive time. Both of these actions could lead to overheating, blown fuses or electrical fires. Try to use extension cords when necessary and limit their use as a temporary measure. If you find you struggle for places to plug in electrical equipment then consider having more outlets fitted.

Never Use Electrical Appliances Near water electricians-derby

Avoid using electrical devices near water especially in areas such as bathrooms. In the event an appliance was to accidentally fall into water whilst plugged in, turn the electricity off at the circuit for the house before removing. Do not use the appliance until it has been fully checked by an electrician to gauge if it is safe to use. Any outdoor electrical equipment should be safely stored from the rain.

Take Precautions When Doing Electrical Work

When working on the electrics in your home be sure to implement safety precautions. Such as wearing appropriate clothing and ensuring you’re prepared and have some knowledge of what you’re doing. Always remember to turn of the electricity supply before working on your electrics.

Hire a Professional

For most homeowners when it comes to complex electrical work they will need to call upon a professional. Our electricians derby team know that for the best in electrical services and safety you should rely on a qualified, skilled and trained individual. Such experts can help reduce the risk to yourself of any electric shock or injury so remember to keep electrically safe around the home.

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