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Electric Car Charging Points – Soon a Common Sight?

Electric cars are becoming more and more common. 1,500 Nissan LEAFs (Nissan’s all-electric car) were sold in 2013 – 3 times the amount of LEAF sales in 2012 – and estimates claim that this figure is going to keep increasing. Would you own an electric car?


Some Electric Car Facts from Manor Electricians in Derby


Electricians in DerbyOne of the major problems about owning an electric car is the lack of public charging points. As electricians in Derby we only know one electric charging point, outside Argos on the Kingsway retail park. However, this may be about to change – IKEA announced at the very beginning of 2014 that, by 2015, every one of its stores would offer electric car charging points. If other national chains start to offer similar schemes then 2014 / 2015 could very well see a real change and increased use of electric cars.


Pure-breed electric cars cost about 10% of the price of running a petrol powered car, while hybrid cars offer greatly reduced petrol consumption. Another major drawback of a pure-breed electric car is its lack of range – about 60 – 100 miles on a single charge. This is a massive problem as the average charge from a normal home power socket can take as long as overnight – and a full charge from a commercial charger takes about 3 hours. These times and limited range make electric cars, at least for now, completely unsuitable for long-haul motorway driving – going at 60 mph, you could only drive for about an hour before having to stop.


Electric cars are, however, vastly better for the environment that fossil fuelled cars, and that’s always important to consider. As electric car adoption rates increase, it will become more financially beneficial for car manufacturers can research and develop cars which will be able to compete with petrol powered cars, in terms of range and power.


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