How to Deter Home Break-ins

Get the basics on home security and find out how you ca protect your home effectively. There are many high tech electrical services and devices available on the market to help you take care of your home, but don’t forget the basics of security. Read these tips below on simple things you can do to ensure your home is safe and secure.

Electrical Services

Electrical Services

  • Choose metal exterior doors. Metal doors are a lot more sturdy than wooden ones
  • Make sure door hinges are located inside so doors can’t be removed from the outside.
  • If you have a letter box, make sure it’s not large enough for a hand to get through, as this could mean someone could reach round and access your door knob or locks from the inside.
  • If you have sliding glass doors, be sure to install a device that secures both the sliding and stationary panels of the door by pinning them together where the frames overlap.
  • When you move into a new home, always ensure you change the locks for security reasons. You never know who could have access to the keys of your property, changing your locks will cover you.
  • If you happen to be remodelling or making improvements to your home, ensure you put ladders away out of sight, as this can be used as a tool for intruders to gain access to other floors of your property.
  • Make sure you trim back hedges and bushes that are bordering your property, always make sure they aren’t covering windows and this can provide opportunities to hide.
  • Security lights that come on when motion is sensed can help detect intruders on your property, and can help scare them away.
  • If you get home and it looks as though an intruder has entered, then call the police before entering your property for your own safety.

These basic security tips will help you get on the right tracks with your home security, don’t forget that for added security and peace of mind, you can call an expert in security and electrical services who will be able to advise you on how to effectively secure your home.

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