Tips on Working Well with Commercial Electricians


Commercial electricians are one of the must-have professionals on your list of contacts for several reasons. For one thing, these qualified professionals have the right skills and knowledge in the safe, effective and efficient installation of electrical wiring systems in residential, commercial and industrial structures. For another thing, these trained professionals have the right tools and technologies to get the job done safely.

Keep in mind that tinkering with electricity, much less installing and maintaining electrical systems without the right knowledge, skills and tools can result in fatal injuries, if not death. Electricity is not something to be taken less than seriously.

With that being said, here are a few important tips in working well with commercial electricians for installation, maintenance, and repair jobs.

Respect What They Do

Knowledge begets respect for the work that electricians perform for their clients. Keep in mind, too, that their work requires the right education in school and training in an on-the-job program followed by a certification exam before they are allowed to take on paid-for jobs. Respect what they do and you can establish the right foundation for a good working relationship.

So, what can qualified electricians do? Their typical duties include but are not limited to the following: (Their actual job roles and responsibilities will differ depending on the project)

• Read technical diagrams including blueprints in relation to the job at hand

• Install, maintain and repair lighting systems including the wires and controls

• Inspect electrical components like circuit breakers and transformers

• Use power tools in the repair or replacement of electrical equipment, fixtures and wires

• Comply with building codes in relation to lighting and electrical systems

• Supervise and train other workers in the installation and maintenance of wiring systems, equipment and parts

Suffice it to say that commercial electricians came to possess their competent knowledge and skills the hard way – by studying hard and working hard. Now that deserves respect!

Set Clear and Realistic Expectations

Every project has its set of expectations (i.e., desired results). Instead of being vague about what your desired results are, be very specific so that you and your hired electricians will have common grounds to work on.

You must then carefully think over what the issues with the electrical systems are and then what the desired results are when the electricians are finished with the job. Let the electricians think of the solutions to the issues, which you can then fully discuss in terms of scope, cost and time necessary to complete the project.

Be sure to listen to your electricians’ suggestions because they know what they are doing, why they are doing it, and how to do it. But also be open to their suggestions because they, too, will most likely be open to yours because, indeed, you may know something that they do not such as the history of the house.

And be sure to put your agreement with commercial electricians in writing even when the job at hand is not the first time you have worked with them. Signed contracts are a must as a protection for both parties in the deal (i.e., minimize the risk for non-performance of expected actions like installing the system or paying for the fee).

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