Commercial electricians in Derby

Whether you’re a home or business, Manor Electrical Services can install electric car charging points in Derby and surrounding areas.

The kinds of EV points we install

  • Home EV car charging
  • Office EV car charging
  • Public space EV car charging
  • EV charging for commercial fleets

Advantages of a dedicated EV charging point

(over a standard socket outlet)

If you have an electric vehicle (EV) already, and are charging it at home or work using a standard mains outlet, installing a dedicated electric vehicle charging point has the following advantages:-

  • Quicker charging
  • More efficient
  • More economical
  • Potentially safe

Benefits of EV charging points for businesses

If you are a building owner or business, then having EV charging points installed at your offices, public space or customer & staff parking can have the following benefits:-

  • Provide the best possible service to customers & clients
    The electric car market is growing year on year, with almost 265,000 vehicles on UK roads at the end of Dec 2019. Keep your customers and clients happy by providing them dedicated charging points for them to charge their electric vehicles.

  • Increase footfall and revenue
    If you have a location which is visited by the public, having dedicated EV charging points at your premises can help make your business a “go to” destination

  • Staff wellbeing and attracting new talent
    Finding and retaining good staff is hard. By providing EV charging points at your workplaces, you can help ensure you’re keeping existing staff happy, and attracting new talent who have an eco outlook

  • Commercial fleet charging efficiency
    If you have a commercial fleet of electric of hybrid vehicles, installing dedicated electric vehicle charging points can help keep them on the road by charging them more quickly

  • Do your bit for the environment
    It’s now widely accepted that climate change is real and a global threat. Do your bit for the environment by helping aid the move to electric vehicles and a reduction in CO2 emissions.
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